What is kids.cloud?

kids.cloud is a cloud based communication and management software designed for nurseries, kindergartens, daycare centres, sport and art clubs, weekend schools and other children facilities.

Easy and safe communication between parents and child care facilities helps to build partnerships and to support a consistent approach to children’s socialization, development and learning.

Why kids.cloud?

kids.cloud is a software which runs entirely in the cloud, which means that all involved parties – teachers, parents and providers – have access to the most recent and updated information from their facility on any modern device: computers, tablets or mobile phones.

The solution allows to store your facility’s data in one secure place, keep records of children, groups, parents and staff, track presence, post daily updates and pictures, manage accounts, run reports, plan events and meals, publish homework and record working time.

Saves Time

Spend less time on adminis­trative tasks and more time with the children and their care.


Use it in English, French, German, Luxembourgish or Russian.


For parents, information from different children facilities is all in one place

Mobile Use

Works on all kinds of devices: PC, tablets, smart phones. A modern web browser is all you need.


Data transmission is secured with industry standard encryption and stored with security and privacy by design.


The Starter plan of kids.cloud is free.

kids.cloud is developed by YPZEELON S.à r.l.